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Changsha fangyuan slewing bearing co., LTD was founded in 2008 on July 2, changsha fangyuan slewing bearing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: changsha fangyuan bearing) is the ma on shan fangyuan slewing bearing co., LTD., holding listed companies, integration of changsha astra slewing bearing manufacturing co., LTD. Good assets, according to the principle of combination, complementary advantages to form a limited liability company. Company is located in China's capital, changsha construction machinery. Sales network covering the whole country each medium cities. Modern industry production base is located in fujian yongan town garden. The transportation is convenient, from huanghua airport is only 8 km, the company covers an area of 80 mu, has a modern professional slewing bearing production workshop 10000 square meters, is a collection of product design and development, processing, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the new type of rotary bearing professional production enterprises.

Changsha fangyuan bearing is specialized is engaged in the rotary bearing technology research and development and manufacture of manufacturers, the company facilities, advanced production ability strong, independent research and development strength, has a provincial technology research center - rotary bearing in anhui province engineering technology research center, testing equipment complete kinds. Company now has more than Φ raceway diameter 5000 mm below the rotary bearing the modernized production line. Production products include: single type, double volleyball volleyball type, three rows of roller type, cross roller type, double row ball type, double rotary, waist drum, injunctions, wire groove type and so on nine big type rotary bearing. Rotary bearing products were widely used in our real life, is called the "joint" machine, widely used in engineering machinery, construction machinery, environmental protection and light industrial machinery, mining and metallurgical machinery, port and ship machinery, food and packaging machinery, petrochemical machinery, engineering vehicles and military equipment, instruments and meters, etc. With compact structure, light weight, good rigidity structure, smooth operation, high precision, safe and reliable, etc. The company cooperation customers all over the country in large cities, the main cooperative enterprises with sany, zoomlion, sunvo intelligent, constant day, xugong, liugong, etc. Sincerely welcome the patronage and cooperation of domestic and foreign customers.

Company is the management idea of "founder, complete works", "the relationship within the circle, loyal excellence", "care for fangyuan, care for employees" is the essence of enterprise culture within company. Strong management, outside tree brand. With technology research and development as the backing, scientific management as the foundation, on the basis of detailed service.

Address: hunan liuyang yonhap town to the modern manufacturing industrial park north 5 so 
Zip code: 410323 

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