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Laboratory tests of test center (CNAS)
Fangyuan precision test center is specialized in rotary bearing various performance testing, test, test, research and analysis into an integrated whole, is the composition unit of provincial rotary bearing engineering technology center, one of the domestic rotary bearing industry leading level.

檢測試驗中心 拼接

Ma an shan fangyuan precision machinery co., LTD test center, was founded in November 2010, the test center is mainly engaged in rotary bearing and related product testing and experimental work. Construction area of 2000 square meters, with a total investment of more than 6000 ten thousand yuan. This is made by authorization of the company legal representative authorized test center, can carry out independent testing business full-time inspection agencies, mechanical testing, materials laboratory, integrated management room, measuring room. Has three coordinates measuring ventricular, mechanical properties of tensile, impact mechanical properties of room, direct reading spectrometry room room, metallographic and nondestructive measure, etc. Center 20 people, bachelor degree or above graduate student 2, center is equipped with three coordinate measuring machine, life test rig, vibration test rig, environmental testing equipment more than 40 sets of professional testing equipment, firm foundation for the accuracy of the testing data.

On February 4, 2015, approved by China's conformity assessment state council (hereinafter referred to as: CNAS) authorized ma on shan fangyuan precision machinery co., LTD test center laboratory accreditation certificate, registration number: CNAS L7463; To authorize the detection range 22.


This center in 2015 by CNAS sub-contractor testing work for many times, after testing laboratory for a military unit, nanjing university of technology, nanjing star can transmission machinery Co., Ltd, ma on shan bo yu juki Co., Ltd., nanjing hite precision equipment Co., Ltd., the male of aviation Industry Co., Ltd, ma on shan spring slewing bearing Co., Ltd., jiaxing, Michael machinery Co., Ltd, ma on shan yuan industrial Co., Ltd., Taier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., sauter transmission equipment Co., Ltd. (such as detection of outsourced work.

If there is need to call outsourcing detection units of work can be carried out.

The test center: 0555-3506584 contacts: thank the manager


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